A lot of families are moving to North Port for the Great Quality of Life, Great Schools, Job Opportunities & Affordability.

Paradise for Less!

North Port is not just affordable, we're a healthy city too! We have miles and miles of paths and trails for mountain biking, walking, jogging, hiking, horseback riding & more.

Several of our many North Port Parks are connected by the 85 miles of freshwater canals running through our neighborhoods. The city is planning to connect most of the canals giving North Port kayak & canoeing athletes endless waterways to enjoy.

Nearby beaches are within a comfortable drive but without the high insurance costs that you would have to pay if you lived at the beach. Here's the list of beaches near North Port: Beaches

North Port is Big on Sports

Here's a starting point list to look for your interests
(Schools also have teams for every sport):

North Port Area Little League
Narramore Sports Complex
North Port Youth Soccer
George Mullen Center (click Park Info Icon)
Morgan Center (click Park Info Icon)
Miss North Port - Fast Pitch Softball

The Atlanta Braves Spring Training Facility is moving to North Port and opening for the 2019 season. A stadium with a capacity of 6,500 fixed seats & 1,500 berm seating (grassy area - great for kids that need to run around etc.), is being built in the West Villages of North Port.

The plans for the sport complex includes:
A Team Clubhouse, 6 or more practice baseball fields, 6 multi-use fields, training facilities, and the team's sports medicine academy. The complex will be a big boom for growth in that area.

Everything you can want is either here or near North Port. Every major retailer, restaurant & anything else is here, or moving here.


How many people live in North Port?

Population as of the end of 2017 is approximately 67,000 and booming! That's up from 57,000 a few years ago.

What types of neighborhoods can I choose from?

Neighborhoods range from Equestrian with Acres of Land to Gated Deed Restricted and un-Gated non-deed restricted communities. 85 Miles of freshwater Canals run throughout North Port.

How Large is North Port?

North Port is Huge! 104.1 Square Miles to be exact, made up of many communities, parks & forest land. Some areas are fully developed and some aren't. There's a lot of room for continued growth stretching way into the future.

What's the average age of the people in North Port?

According to data, North Port has a wide range of age groups with the average age being 40, making it the youngest city in the surrounding South West Florida area.

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