A downloadable PDF infographic from Florida Realtor Magazine appears below the list of Roof Life Expectancy.

We listed the roof life expectancy for different types of roofs seperate from the magazine's list. The life of a roof can vary widely depending on the type. The magazine's printed list only includes Asphalt Shingles and has a narrow quality focus, but many compenents will apply to you.


  1. Asphalt Shingles - 15-to-25
  2. Clay - 30+
  3. Concreate - 50
  4. Wood or Shake/Shingles - 15-35
  5. Slate Tiles - 35-to-100
  6. Tar and Gravel -Built Up - 10-to-30
  7. Other - Range is 5-to-25

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Open and save or print a PDF copy of the Florida Realtor Magazine infographic: CLICK Distributed with Permission from Florida Realtor Magazine

Source: National Association of Home Builders / Bank Of America Equity Study of Life Expectancy of Home Componenets

  1. Air Conditioning Unit - 10-to-15 Yrs
  2. Carpeting - 8-to-10 Yrs
  3. Deck - Wood - 10-to-15 Yrs
  4. Driveway - 10-to-20 Yrs
  5. Exterior Paint - Up-to-15 Yrs
  6. Flooring - Wood or Stone 100 Yrs
  7. Furnace - 10-to-18 Yrs
  8. Garage Door Opener - 10-to-15 Yrs
  9. Garbage Disposal - 12 Yrs
  10. Heat Pump - 16 Yrs
  11. Kitchen Cabinets - 50 Yrs
  12. Kitchen Faucets 15 Yrs
  13. Roof - Asphalt Shingles - 20 Yrs
  14. Windows - 10-to-30 Yrs

Is the buyer of your house expecting the replacement cost?

If you didn't already factor in the age of your home's componenets, a buyer may choose to re-negotiate the purchase price of your house if the inspection highlights unexpected replacement time frames. An appraisal may come back lower than expected due to the life expectancy of certain components. The list below gives a range of life expectancy. Some components might not apply to you.

If you have questions about selling your property (home, lots, land or commercial),call Scott - Phone: 941-882-5494 Ext 701