A buyer has to be able to picture their life in your home.

Don't lose a house sale over your personal stuff! Remove these distractions:

  1. Step 1: Tackle your closets
  2. Step 2: Arrange Your Closets
  3. Step 3: Take your home out of your house!
  4. Step 4: Light sells so let it in!
  5. Step 5: Fix the minor stuff!
  6. Step 6: Are you feeling ambitious? - Paint!

Step 1: Tackle your closets:

Empty your closets by 1/2. Buyers need to see the space they’re getting in the closets. When your closet is stuffed, most buyers can’t picture the space. Buyers need to see that there’s room for their clothes!

Step 2: Arrange your closets:

Remaining clothes should be arranged neatly on hangers (i.e. shirts with shirts, jackets with jackets.) If you want to go one step further, you can also arrange by color. Neatly arranged clothes gives the appearance of more room even if the closet is small.

Step 3: Take your home out of your house:

We all get entrenched in our homes. You take “your home” out of your house by removing most of your personal items. Maybe ask a friend or relative to hold some of your personal items until your house sells, or consider renting a storage unit. If you have a lot of extra personal stuff, clutter or whatever, this is a get-serious step toward selling your house! If you don't take this step, it doesn't mean that you won't sell, but this step can go a long way toward a faster sale and a better offer.

Part of step 3 - Limit peronsal pictures:

A limited number of personal pictures are fine as long as they’re laid out neatly. If you have too many pictures, the “showing” becomes about you and not about the house you’re trying to sell. If the house is a good fit for the buyer, a professional salesperson will help the buyer start to envision their life in your house! Don't let your pictures hinder the process.

Step 4: Light sells so let it in!

More people are positive about a bright sunny day than a rainy day. Now and then you hear people say it’s beautiful out, but you rarely hear that when it’s raining (even if you personally like a good thunderstorm!) Open the shades and replace burnt out bulbs.

Step 5: Fix the minor stuff!

Fix it yourself or hire someone to do it. People will notice when your faucet leaks. To a buyer, that goes on their mental work-to-be-done-list. It’s a small investment to remove a minor distraction.

Step 6: Are you feeling ambitious?

How’s about a fresh coat of new paint (notice the emphasis – Fresh and New.) Your house is great, but if another equal house (can even be slightly more $) looks like less work and has a fresh feel to it, guess which house will get the offer?

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